360° Insights to Grow your Dental Practice

Set goals. Establish accountability. 

Improve dental clinic performance with  the best in class dental analytics platform on the market. 

360 PowerDent 

Super Charge Your Dental Clinic

360 PowerDent will boost your clinic’s analytical capabilities to the next level. 360 PowerDent layers seamlessly on top of your Dental CRM and accounting system to ensure you are optimizing your clinic’s performance and efficiency.

Our Value Proposition


With a myriad of performance metrics that factor into your clinic’s overall health, 360 PowerDent fully integrates with your back-end system to accurately and automatically synchronize over 100 KPIs covering all aspect of your clinic. 


Understand clearly, and succinctly what is happening at your clinic. 360 PowerDent contains over 100 interactive visuals that provide a perspective and depth on your clinic never seen before. Our interface is instantly intuitive and requires minimal training to become fully proficient.


With the full capabilities of data analytics and AI at your fingertips, 360 PowerDent shows you the steps you need to optimize your operations. Get valuable insights on business decisions while you can focus on providing the best care for your patients.

Unparalleled Coverage & Insights

Unmatched in its coverage, no other business intelligence platform captures your clinic’s performance like 360 PowerDent. We are the premiere platform for analytics that captures and quantifies every aspect of your office in order to derive insights that help you optimize your operations!

Actionable Intelligence

  • Where can I grow my production?
  • What is driving my average revenue per patient?
  • Which doctors are treatment planning the most?
  • Which providers are underbilling hygiene appointments?
  • Which providers are being underutilized?
  • Are providers sufficiently rebooking patients?
  • Is my office meeting my new patients goals?
  • Which marketing initiatives are working?
  • How can I optimize insurance billings and supplies?

Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)

With 360 PowerDent, you will immediately identify a wealth quick-win opportunities to unlock value in your clinic. For a monthly subscription with no upfront cost, you will gain access to the most robust dental analytics platform on the market. 360 PowerDent will pay for itself many times over within months.

Unique Features

Identify fast ROI opportunities and know the top 5 immediate actions to grow production

Establish accountability over the Hygiene department and organically grow your Hygiene practice

24/7 remote cloud-based accessOn your phone, iPad, or computer, 360 PowerDent is there for you at a click of a button.

Understand treatment planning and patient case acceptance by doctor and procedure

Determine staff utilization to optimize scheduling and reduce payroll costs

Track the efficiency of patient phone outreach by receptionists, and quantify the revenue generated from the phones  

#1 Solution For Clinic Performance Improvement

360 PowerDent

Competing Products

Full Spectrum of Clinic Operations

What's Included with 360 PowerDent


360 PowerDent  is not a CRM system, but an analytics platform that connects seamlessly to your CRM system; extending its functionality in order to unlock actionable insight in to your clinic operations. These insights are not available from your CRM and are only available via 360 PowerDent’s sophisticated dashboards backed by cutting-edge artificial intelligence. 

Clinics using 360 PowerDent historically see a growth in production between 5-15% , expense savings of up to 10% on overheard, and time-savings of up to 30 hours each month, as well as increase in patient retention and lifetime expenditures.

Implementation costs are between $500-$1,000 per clinic and will take around 5 business days to complete.

Not only does 360 PowerDent offer the most comprehensive and interactive platform to slice and dice your data, it comes with the added benefit of actionable recommendations to walk you through your results and provide recommendations!  

We work with Tracker, ClearDent, Open Dental, Dentrix, Eaglesoft and ABELDent. For all other systems, reach out to us as we are constantly expanding!

Absolutely! As part of your monthly subscription to 360 PowerDent, one of our dental consultants will personally walk you through your data and provide actionable recommendations to accompany the insights.

One year initial term and then month to month so No. 

Please refer to the Features section of our site to see the wide array of questions 360 PowerDent will answer about your clinic operations.  

360 PowerDent is compliant with established North American regulatory frameworks regarding privacy and security.